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AFMA Federal Platform

Agricultural Floodplain Management Alliance Federal Platform

The Agricultural Floodplain Management Alliance’s (AFMA) federal platform is a three-prong approach to addressing the impacts of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and floodplain management regulations on agricultural areas and rural communities.


1. Flood Insurance Rates 

FEMA's current NFIP rates for agricultural areas and rural communities within the 100-year floodplain do not reflect true risk and are not economically manageable. AFMA advocates for the establishment of NFIP rates which properly reflect the true risk, which AFMA believes will create economically manageable rates.


2. Building Restrictions 

Many agricultural buildings and structures cannot be effectively flood proofed to meet current NFIP standards; likewise, other structures are built to withstand a flood making their repair less expensive than existing flood-proofing options. AFMA pursues regulatory relief that allows for practical and feasible replacement of and reinvestment in agricultural, industrial, commercial and community structures in agricultural areas and rural communities.

3. Agricultural Floodplain Management Study 

The unique characteristics of agricultural areas and small communities need to be recognized under the NFIP. AFMA actively supports the Agricultural Floodplain Management Study, a study that will investigate modifications to the NFIP that ease the burden of floodplain management requirements on agricultural areas and rural communities.