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Guiding Principles

The Alliance adopted the following guiding principles to describe its members’ common concerns and interests.  The Alliance believes that the framework of flood risk management as applied in agricultural areas and agricultural communities must:

  1. Support and protect the economic viability and vitality of agriculture industries and dependant small communities.
  2. Recognize the benefits locally and nationally of the agricultural uses of the floodplain as a practical means to limit long-term flood risk while supporting a critical element of our economy and the security of our food supply.
  3. Include provisions for agricultural and small dependant communities that allow for practical and feasible replacement of and reinvestment in industrial and commercial structures, to ensure long term socio-economic sustainability.
  4. Establish flood insurance rates for agricultural and small dependant communities that are economically manageable by property owners while contributing to the overall fiscal viability of the NFIP.
  5. Provide a role for representatives of the agricultural and small dependant communities to participate in the process of developing recommended modifications to the NFIP that are specific to address these and related issues.

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